Blocksquare Launches Oceanpoint v0.5 Achieves $100M in Tokenized Properties

Blocksquare, a leading blockchain company, has reached a significant milestone, and launched its Oceanpoint v0.5. The firm has successfully tokenized $100 million worth of properties across 21 countries. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Blocksquare has been pioneering real estate tokenization since 2017. Founded by Denis Petrovcic, Peter Merc, and Viktor Brajak, the company has tokenized 118 properties to date. These include hotels, restaurants, parking lots, healthcare facilities, and apartments worldwide.

Milestone for Blocksquare Tokenized Properties

Blocksquare credits its success to its innovative legal structure. This structure enabled the first notarized tokenized real estate transaction on the EU land registry. Thus, it sets a new industry benchmark for security and technological advancement. CEO Denis Petrovcic highlighted the role of Blocksquare’s team, marketplace partners, and BST token holders. He emphasized the importance of tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs) like real estate. Petrovcic stated, “Over $100M in real estate assets in 21 countries is a clear signal. Tokenizing RWAs like real estate holds immense value.”

Blocksquare tokenizing properties around the globe

Introducing Oceanpoint v0.5

Building on its success, Blocksquare has introduced Oceanpoint v0.5, a decentralized finance (DeFi) launchpad designed to support real estate tokenization startups. The launchpad, now live, is powered by Blocksquare’s utility token, BST, which can be staked and converted into its governance token, sBST. BST holders can leverage their tokens to support emerging tokenization marketplace operators and earn additional rewards.

Oceanpoint v0.5 offers startups up to a 100% discount on Blocksquare’s SaaS solutions, facilitating the launch and growth of new ventures. The launchpad aims to democratize engagement and growth within the ecosystem, providing a pathway for both marketplace operators and community members to thrive.

Blocksquare’s latest advancements reflect its ongoing commitment to innovation and growth in the real estate tokenization sector, paving the way for more secure and accessible investment opportunities through blockchain technology.

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