RealT legal compliance with U.S. Law in Real Estate Tokenization

Realt legal compliance to US law can revolutionize property investment. It offers increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and enhanced accessibility. Ensuring legal compliance is crucial for success. RealT, a pioneering platform, has developed a comprehensive framework. It complies with U.S. securities laws, making real estate tokenization secure and legally sound.

Understanding RealT’s Tokenization Model

RealT uses a unique approach by structuring investments around limited liability companies (LLCs). Each property is owned by a separate series within a Delaware series LLC. Ownership interests in these LLCs are tokenized into RealTokens. This structure ensures each token corresponds to an equity interest in a specific property.

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RealT legal Compliance with U.S. Securities Laws

RealTokens are classified as securities under U.S. law. RealT legal compliance adheres to stringent regulatory requirements to ensure compliance:

  1. Regulation D: RealTokens are offered to accredited investors in the U.S. under Regulation D. This exemption allows RealT to offer and sell securities without registering them with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Accredited investors, typically individuals or entities with high net worth or income, ensure financial capacity to bear investment risks.
  2. Regulation S: For non-U.S. investors, RealT relies on Regulation S. This regulation governs offshore securities transactions. It permits RealT to offer RealTokens to investors outside the U.S. without requiring SEC registration, provided the transactions follow specific guidelines.
  3. Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Procedures: RealT implements robust KYC and AML procedures. These verify investor identities and ensure that funds used to purchase RealTokens are legitimate. These procedures prevent financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. RealT partners with IdentityMind, an independent third-party solutions provider, to carry out these checks effectively.

Legal Structuring and Documentation

RealT meticulously structures its offerings to comply with legal standards:

  1. Series LLC Structure: A Delaware series LLC allows RealT to segregate assets and liabilities among different properties. Each series operates as a separate entity, owning a single property. This structure simplifies the tokenization process and provides clear legal ownership through RealTokens.
  2. Tokenization Process: Each RealToken represents a unique membership interest in the corresponding series of the LLC. RealT issues the tokens as Ethereum-based smart contracts. They follow the ERC-20 standard with modifications to address transfer restrictions under U.S. securities laws. Each token has a unique identification number (UIN) linking it to the specific property.
  3. Legal Documents and Transparency: RealT ensures access to all legal documents, such as the deed, operating agreement, and series designation. These documents are stored on Ethereum’s Interplanetary File System (IPFS). This storage method provides perpetual and immutable access to ownership records for all RealToken holders.
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Investor Protections and Rights

RealT is committed to protecting the rights of its investors:

  1. Property Management: Professional property management services manage the day-to-day operations of the properties. These services keep properties well-maintained. They also collect and distribute rental income efficiently to token holders.
  2. Rental Income Distribution: RealToken holders receive rental income as Dai stablecoins. The smart contract distributes this income daily. This system provides a more frequent and reliable payout compared to traditional monthly payments.
  3. Voting Rights and Governance: RealToken holders can vote on significant decisions, such as changing property management services. This governance structure provides a degree of self-sovereignty and ensures investors retain control over their investments.


RealT’s innovative approach to real estate tokenization is groundbreaking and grounded in legal compliance. By adhering to U.S. securities laws, implementing robust KYC and AML procedures, and ensuring transparent and secure ownership structures, RealT offers a reliable and legally sound investment opportunity. As the tokenization market continues to evolve, RealT’s commitment to legal compliance sets a high standard for the industry. Realt legal compliance fosters trust and confidence among investors.

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